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Aura-Soma is a holistic healing system that is based on knowledge and practical application of therapeutic effects of colours. The main therapeutic tools of this a non-intrusive therapy are Equilibrum bottles that combine the healing vibrations of colour together with energy of minerals and plants.


System One-Brain


In the fast pace of the modern world we often experience a feeling of stress. This feeling has its’ origins in a false belief we hold   about our self.  Quite often we believe that we are not able to successfully overcome the challenges of everyday life.




Reflexology is complementary therapy based on the principle that all organs, glands and bodily systems are reflected on the foot and hands. During the reflexology treatment various forms of thumb pressure and palpation techniques are applied to the reflexes on the feet.


Swedish massage


Swedish massage is worldwide popular massage technique and probably the best know type of massage. The massage routine consists of combination of various movements including long smooth stroking, kneading, tapping and vibration.




Aromatherapy massage involves use of pure essential oils derived from plants, flowers, roots and barks. These oils contain complex natural chemicals with various therapeutic benefits and healing properties.